Bleialf Impressions

Bleialfer Impressions

Bleialfer Impressions

The story of Bleialf

The first documentary mention was made in 893 in the Prümer Urbar.

Bleialf is a municipality in the middle of the Schnee-Eifel in the Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm in Rhineland-Palatinate. It belongs to the community of Prüm.
Numerous finds have been made in the Bleialfer room, which clearly indicate the presence of the Romans as early as the first centuries after the birth of Christ. Bleialf's writing of history begins with the history of the Prüm Abbey only a little later and is closely linked to it over many centuries. Without a doubt, the Bleialf (Alve) farm had a special position and importance within the area of the Prüm Abbey during this period. It was later the focus for the management of the Prüm ban forest, which Bertrada von Mürlenbach gave to the Prüm monastery in 721 as a gift.
Bleialf was first mentioned in a document in the Prümer Urbar, in the year 893, and in 1993 it looked back on its "1100 years" existence.
Bleialf uses the names "Alvin" and "Alue" in the "Prümer Urbar". The current name Bleialf was first mentioned in a document in 1584.

(Source: Wikipedia / Excerpt from the Bleialfer Chronik, by Wolfgang Druckermüller)