Cycle paths

Bike paths in the Eifel

Unmistakable scenic attractions await you on a bike tour through the Eifel - for example the maars of the Vulkaneifel, the Eifel National Park, the Ferschweiler high plateau or the volcanic park in the volcanic Eastern Eifel.

On the disused railway lines and along the rivers you will find a variety of family-friendly and easier bike tours - passionate and sporty cyclists accept many a climb to the heights of the Eifel, rewarded by fantastic views.

Railway lines

Cycling like on rails

In the Eifel, meter-high viaducts bridge deep valleys, illuminated tunnels cross the mountains and every now and then art sculptures line the roadside.

Where the steam locomotive once snorted, today you can enjoy the fascinating landscape of the Eifel and a comfortable route far away from traffic on a bike tour.

The bike paths are almost always paved throughout, have a standard width of 2.50 meters and usually less than 2.5 percent gradient.

The dense network of railway cycle paths promises cycling fun in the middle of nature for families with children, for leisure and leisure cyclists.

Active and relaxed at the same time, you can experience the charms of the Eifel on the bike tour – for example the maars of the Vulkaneifel, the fairy-tale rocky landscapes in the Southern Eifel nature park, the view over the border to the neighbors in East Belgium and Luxembourg and at the same time a wealth of cultural and natural treasures.


Cycling along rivers

The nature of the Eifel is criss-crossed by a large number of rivers and streams such as Kyll, Ahr, Erft or Rur – to name only the largest!
Over millions of years, these rivers have cut deep into the low mountain range of the Eifel. They left behind bizarre rock formations or extensive floodplain landscapes.

Many of the ‘blue veins’ of the Eifel are accompanied by bike routes in the immediate vicinity and open up this unique landscape.

In addition to the mostly comfortable course in the river valleys and at the same time far away from road traffic, they offer another advantage for relaxed cycling in the Eifel.

Even without cycling maps, you can simply follow the natural signpost, the course of the river or stream, stress-free!

Some cycle paths, such as the Kyll cycle path, the Ahr cycle path or the Erft cycle path, also run near a railway line.

So you can easily get back to the starting point or bridge one or the other hill.

Taking bicycles with you is free of charge on most railway lines!

Themed bike paths

Themed bike paths

Look at the Eifel landscape as a stage: in the main role, the cycle paths that tell the Eifel story (s).
The Eifel-Höhen-Route offers several acts: on its 230 kilometers it lives up to its name and at the same time leads into and around the Eifel National Park with breathtaking views and exciting insights into a wide variety of natural spaces.

The Eifel volcano bike route is no less impressive than it is demanding. Among other things, it leads to the world-famous race track of the Nürburgring.

Perhaps not world-famous, but at least world-famous is the Eifel for its “hot past”. This is told on the Vulkanpark cycle path and in many sights along the way.

The Kleine Kyll Cosmos Cycle Path takes you through galaxies and past the planets of the solar system. And, although you are driving forward, the bike path leads you back – to the Big Bang.

On the mineral springs route you will learn interesting facts about the springs of the Eifel – it is also an important link between the Ahr cycle path and the Maare-Mosel cycle path.


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